About Us

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Our Foundation

We transformed 35 +  years of knowledge in product  type approval, certification and compliance of electrical and electrical mechanical products into compelling and leading edge solutions.  With years of direct industry experience we know how to manage tough challenges and will embed solutions that are in the best interests of our clients.

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How We Do Business

First and foremost  is understanding the client's need and putting together a comprehensive solution that is actionable, measurable, clear and deliverable. All scope of work is reviewed prior to beginning the project which enables our clients to customize as well as validate their objectives. 

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What Makes Us an Industry Standout?

  No client should wonder where their project stands or have to wait "silent" periods with no updates. We strive for excellence in communication and program management of the projects you trust us with. Where possible we work directly with country regulators to save our clients money and time. We have the  technical knowledge others do not and will advise you of what YOU need rather that what we need.